Education in NSW is compulsory. Principals are legally responsible for keeping accurate records of student attendance. The Principal has the right to question parents or carers requests for their child to be absent from school. Principals are also responsible for deciding if the reason for absence is justified.

Parents and carers are asked not to withdraw their children from school for family holidays. If your family holiday is in school time, inform the Principal in advance and request leave and/or exemption from school. Forms are available from the office.

Any absence from school for 10 school days or more requires an application for exemption. It is required under the Education and Public Instruction Act 1987 that a written note explaining a child’s absence from school be supplied by the parents or carers. Parents may also communicate absence via the Compass App, by a phone call or email to the school. If advice of absence is not forthcoming after 10 days, then the child is marked ‘Absent without Leave.’