St Mary’s Primary School is a wonderful rural school offering outstanding facilities to its students, staff and parents. St Mary’s motto is ‘Teach Us Wisdom, Teach Us Love’. In everything we do in the school, the achievement of this motto is paramount. The school seeks to bring lived Catholic values and teachings to all who seek a Christian education in the Catholic tradition. 

The school believes that parents are the primary educators in the faith of their children and that faith formation is a lifelong process. The model for faith formation is where children learn about faith by doing and reflecting on their actions. Care for all in the school community through a strong pastoral care presence is central to the environment within St Mary’s Primary School. 

Providing a meaningful and inclusive learning program, St Mary’s caters for the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical dimensions of each student. It fosters the wellbeing of all students and other members within its school community so that each person is ‘empowered and challenged to become lifelong learners with optimism and hope for the future’. Numeracy and Literacy are a strong focus. The school actively seeks to meet individual differences in classrooms by employing teaching strategies that ensure all students are catered for through a differentiated curriculum. 

Excellence in education is a high priority in the school. St Mary’s is proud to be a Visible Wellbeing School where social and emotional learning is highly valued. Our wellbeing curriculum and the ‘Bounceback!’ program supports children’s social and emotional development. St Mary’s is a school that seeks to instil pride, commitment and respect in the children in its care. All students are challenged to achieve their best in an accepting, supportive and friendly environment. 

St Mary’s has high expectations of its students, hence, application to academic outcomes, attention to wellbeing, care of our school environment, the wearing of school uniform with pride and the manner in which we relate to others at school and in the wider community are pivotal to the formation of well-rounded and spiritually centred young people. 

Kind regards and best wishes 

Kim Wilson