St Mary’s highly values pursuits of academic excellence. Teachers are committed to assisting all students to reach their academic potential through a range of academic endeavours both inside and outside the classroom. We know that providing the best opportunities can sometimes involve inviting specialists in a particular area into our school or having students take excursions outside of our school.

Throughout the year we welcome various clubs and experts in a number of sporting fields into our school so the students can experience a range of activities; these include cricket, rugby league, gymnastics and athletics. The conservatorium of music provides tuition to individual students in a variety of musical instruments.

Students love the opportunity to learn first-hand about many aspects of the curriculum and this can be done best when the students actually leave the school grounds. Excursions to places such as Tocal Homestead, the Reptile Park, Sydney, sport and rec camps and local attractions and experiences have been popular in recent years.

The opportunity to play team sports develops wonderful skills such as communication and team work and students’ friendships blossom during the experience. St Mary’s regularly participates in sporting gala days and competitions in the sports of cricket, soccer, touch football, netball and rugby league.